1.9KW SUNKKO S709A 220V 50Hz 70B Battery Spot Welding Tools Soldering Spot Welding Machine

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  • Производитель: Banggood


Описание и характеристики

Specification:-Scope of application:Lead sheets of rechargeable battery can be welding rapidly.The production,installation,welding of lithium battery or mobile power.The welding of lead sheets and wires from metal parts.-Soldering iron part:Temperature:150℃~450℃Power:50WOutput voltage:20VDC-Spot weld-er part:Supply voltage: AC220V20VPower: 1.9KW (Instantaneous)Current: 500ATime of double pulse: 1~10ms (adjustable)Time of four pulses: 2~20ms (adjustable)Time of eight pulses: 8~80ms (adjustable)Size:140x245x200mmNet weight:5.5kgFeatures:1.The machine is a combination of battery spot welding and Circuit board sol-der,that make your work more convenient.2.fixed spot-welding head and mobile spot-welding pen are combined together in one machine,so that the welding will become flexible.3.Possess the function of 2,4,6,8 welding pulses selection, make the sol-der joint reliable.4.Possess welding current rapid regulator,selecting the current will become quick and efficient.5.The anti-static soldering station which controls the temperature accurately,it is suited for welding any intergrated circuit or wiring.6.The removable footswitches can satisfy the requirement of welding position or sophisticated technology.7.The fixed spot-welding head has pressure regulating device which makes the sol-der connections more reliable.Notices for using SUNKKO spot welding machine1.In order to obtain good weld effect, please dont use the active socket, and should be used the wall socket to ens

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